Standedge Tunnel and Visitor Centre

The Standedge Tunnel is comsidered to be one of the seven wonders of waterways built for its time period. Visitors have a chance to experience this canal within a family friendly atmosphere. The refurbished Watersedge cafe is a wonderful spot to stop and grab a bite to eat during a trip. This play area is located in the exhibition centre. The best part about visiting the canal is that the visitor centre is free to enter.The only charge that you will have to worry about is for the guided boat trip. The "visit us" page located on the website offers extensive details regarding trip bookings and tour times. The website,, makes booking a trip easy.

Four different parallel tunnels are located underneath Standedge between Marsden and Diggle. One single canal is the oldest, and it is located on the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. It was opened in 1811, and it is still in use to this day. Three distinct railway tunnels were opened in the years of 1848, 1871, and 1894. The 1894 tunnel is the only one that still supports regular traffic during the day. Cross tuneels link these four tunnels at strategic areas along their path.

Standedge is a location which is not populated by many people, but it does feature two public houses called Upper Royal George and Royal George, respectively. Two reservoirs and paths for hikers make this a prime location for people who love to be outside in the fresh air. Standedge is easily accessible by bus along the 184 service. This service runs between Manchester and Huddersfield. First Greater Manchester runs the service, and bus stops are located on either side of the road for even more convenient accessibility. Buses run at different times, butt hey are hourly from Monday to Saturday during the day. They run every 2 hours on Sundays as well, so there is a bus travel time for everyone.

The 1848 tunnel is accessible by road vehicles as well. The reason for this primarily concerns granting emergency personnel quicker access to people in need. All population centres must grant easy access for police and ambulance workers to use. This prevents the loss of life during considerable emergencies. It also enables people to escape if there is a serious accident, thus helping to keep the public at large safer as a result.

The Standedge Canal is one of the most widely recognised travel systems in the UK. It is a popular visitor attraction because it is rich in history, and it never ceases to amaze the people who travel along it. This engineering feat was one of the first of its time, and it represents UK ingenuity at its finest.