Transportation Tunnel Uses

The Standedge Tunnel system is perhaps the most famous in the world. These tunnels provided the blueprint for what future tunnels should represent. Transportation tunnels serve an important purpose, especially within busy cities. Traffic reduction is an issue that most cities face. This is especially true as it relates to rush hour traffic, when everyone is getting off of work to go home. When a tunnel system is put in place, it gives drivers another option to use. As a result, safety is increased not only for vehicle drivers, but also for surface pedestrians and bicycle riders who share city streets with other drivers.

Emergency service vehicles must get to their intended destination as soon as possible. However, these vehicles and their drivers face serious hazards. They must travel at a high rate of speed in order to reach a person who is in need of help. This leads to accidents, and a prolonged response time. A tunnel system gives these personnel a way to circumvent the busy streets that other drivers share. It enables them to confidently move from one area to another without fear of causing someone else to become hurt. When emergency workers are able to reach a person quickly, they are able to save lives much more efficiently.

The shipment of goods is made much more effective with an alternative tunnel system. One of the reasons this is the case, is the fact that shipments require the use of larger vehicles. Larger vehicles cause major traffic accidents, and they are usually more deadly than accidents involving regular civilian vehicles. Large trucks find it easier to transport goods or hazardous materials when there is much less traffic to navigate. Additionally, a tunnel system cuts down on the time it takes to get the goods to a prospective customer. Reliability and safety are the key.

Covert operations are used to fight crime, and to travel into areas that are dangerous. Certain countries throughout the world house people who wish to rob transport trucks of their cargo. When these trucks are given the option to travel under ground, they can safely travel to their destination. This also allows the drivers to focus on the road in front of them, as opposed to other drivers who may wish to do them harm. Intelligent tunnel systems are increasingly becoming important because they serve several important roles within a bustling community.